Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a subset of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) whereby you can outsource your organization’s recruitment processes and activities, in part or in whole, to a trusted expert to run it for you. Faculty is that trusted expert for RPO solutions.

Faculty RPO Solutions possess the most up-to-date skills, technologies and recruitment methodologies to help fulfil your hiring needs and tackle whichever recruitment concerns you may have.

Recruitment processes that we value add in are

After understanding your organization’s needs, we will engage in deep sourcing techniques and expertise to identify talents from specific industries for the position you want to fill. Candidate information can be gathered through networking, social media, job boards, database and many more by our RPO specialist.

Faculty’s team are trained with the skills to ensure candidates sourced are of the right fit, be it in terms of skills or culture, to your organization. Screenings include interviews, reference checks, background check, skill test and others.

Faculty act as the facilitator between your organization and candidates. After advancing through the screening stage, they will also be involved scheduling interviews, salary negotiation and to uphold the service level agreed between all parties.

Faculty’s team will also provide regular updates and analysis of market trends for your organization. A talent mapping is an efficient way to pipeline potential talent for upcoming hiring needs.

Information regarding cost per hire, time to fill, retention rates and productivity will also be reported so as to diagnose and optimize recruitment process.

Why should you consider using RPO in your recruitment strategy?


Solutions tailored to meet your needs

RPO can help you to manage fluctuating hiring demands, be it hiring 50 for a new project or 1000 for a new factory, RPO solutions can be designed to meet your recruitment demands.


Filling up gaps to reduce disruption to your business

In addition to streamlined recruitment processes and adaptation of new technology, RPO enable you to reach out to both passive and active candidates in the market which reduces time-to-fill significantly.


Streamline recruitment process & reduce cost per hire

RPO optimizes recruitment processes so that resources will be used efficiently. The cost of RPO can potentially be lesser than maintaining an inhouse recruiting team and still deliver high results.


Increase candidate quality & employer branding

By outsourcing recruitment, HR can focus on the core business to support organization’s growth. RPO can provide support and resources to recruit top candidates and keep up with larger organizations.


Most up-to-date recruitment trends & insights

RPO firms are equipped with expertise to recruit top talents amidst the talent shortage across the globe. With latest recruitment trends and insights, RPO can improve recruiting effectiveness for your organization.

With so much to gain, what are you waiting for!

Faculty RPO Solutions’ integrated, customized and scalable permanent workforce solutions across a wide range of industries helps to decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for open positions. By becoming an extension of your HR department, we can oversee all or part of the entire talent acquisition spectrum, from hiring plan design to talent post hiring management. Our global perspective and local expertise become your greatest assets, future-proofing your organization so that you can effectively adapt to rapidly changing talent needs.