Before answering the question “What is considered as a successful RPO project from a client’s perspective?”, we take a step back and first understand why clients introduce RPO into their business processes in the first place.

Common recruitment challenges faced by clients are

  • Setting up a team from scratch
  • Increase team size within a certain period
  • Handling recruitment administrative tasks

Although the list above is not exhaustive, the common thing that we can deduce is that those challenges require time, manpower and money and not every company will have the luxury of all of that to resolve their recruitment challenges. Therefore, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is introduced into the business world to help companies tackle their recruitment challenges.

The most basic and core requirements of the clients that we worked with for RPO projects are to meet their demands and needs with the highest quality, cost-saving and effective solutions. In short, your overall delivery capability is the key criteria to determine the success of your RPO solutions.

Delivery capability is measured through

Recruitment Result

The RPO project will usually set out a recruitment target that has to be met. Usually, it will be the number of hires within a period. In order to achieve the targets, it will depend on firstly the quality of recruiters both onsite and offsite. They need to have the expertise and experience in the client’s industry and dealing with the challenge that the client face. Secondly, talent pool database and the talent sourcing methodology of the RPO provider. Lastly, constant communication with the clients.

Process Management

Many of times, each client has already got a certain process in place for recruitment. RPO providers may follow their practices or provide an alternative solution for the client. RPO providers like us strives to help our client improve their recruitment process through understanding their current process methodology and resources. Being in the clients’ shoe and understanding their situation will enable the RPO provider to offer a more creative and effective solution for the client.

Client Engagement

Smooth client engagement consists of mutual understanding, cooperation and respect. This is usually dependent on the performance of the above 2 factors. With the addition of this factor, it will forge deeper client relationship through the RPO project to spur any further collaboration.

At the end of the day, the only way to know how can RPO be useful to you is to experience it yourself!
This article is written by Shirley Xiao – PM, Healthcare Faculty RPO Solutions.

Faculty RPO Solutions’ integrated, customized and scalable permanent workforce solutions across a wide range of industries helps to decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for open positions. By becoming an extension of your HR department, we can oversee all or part of the entire talent acquisition spectrum, from hiring plan design to talent post hiring management. Our global perspective and local expertise become your greatest assets, future-proofing your organization so that you can effectively adapt to rapidly changing talent needs.