With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services growing rapidly in recent years, having a competent Onsite Consultant becomes more crucial than ever. During the RPO process, the Onsite Consultant plays an important role to facilitate the process and communication between the RPO team and the Client. With that in mind, what are the qualities of a good Onsite Consultant?

This article is written by Fiona Yang – Project Manager, Faculty RPO Solutions.

Qualities of a Good Onsite Consultant

Good Knowledge of Client’s Requirements & Self

RPO solutions are generally tailored for each client depending on their needs and industry. Hence, a good Onsite Consultant will be one who has experience in that particular industry as well as being able to understand the client’s business model, marketing positioning, recruitment required and the current life-cycle stage.

In addition to that, the Onsite Consultant should have good understanding of his/her capabilities so as to determine which part of the process he/she can take charge of and where else he/she will need to seek further assistance from the team. With these, the partnership between the RPO provider and Client will then be successful due to the facilitation of the process by the Onsite Consultant and therefore resolving recruitment demands of the client.

Influence the Process, not just a Messenger

A messenger, in our opinion, is someone who pass information between the client and back offices without contributing any insights or solutions. When faced with difficulties, he/she will probably not attempt to resolve but to wait for manager’s help.

On the other hand, an influencer of the RPO process will provide his/her insights to both client and back offices. These insights, coupled with the Onsite Consultant’s knowledge and skills, will help to influence either the client or back office to take certain action to accelerate the hiring process so that the client’s business can be up and going as soon as possible.

Prediction and Prevention

A good Onsite Consultant should be able to assess potential risks and predict any problems that might arise even before it happens through their prior experience, business acumen or data. After which, it is vital to flag it to the stakeholders ASAP, so that actions can be taken to minimize any loss. Many Onsite Consultant merely just follow the process and react with things happen. This is not very efficient as extra time and resources will be required to rectify.

Cooperative but also take Initiative

Other than being someone who is flexible, adaptable and able to work with everyone, a good Onsite Consultant should also take ownership of the client he is working with. They should take initiative to take full charge of client servicing, performance evaluation and others even without being instructed to as these can help to value add to the clients.

This article is written by Fiona Yang - Project Manager, Faculty RPO Solutions.

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