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At Faculty, we value the competency and commitment of talents. As putting people first is our top priority, we aim to provide an environment in which talents can grow, achieve and enjoy their job. Not only that, we constantly advocate the importance of team spirit as everyone is an indispensable member of Faculty. Each and every member of Faculty is part of the secret formula to our success.

An environment for you to love your job.

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Dynamic & High Growth Industry
Strong International Client Base
Competitive Salary Package and Performance-Driven Incentive Scheme
Team-focused and Conducive Work Environment

“Faculty is a great platform where you can work with wonderful people (boss, colleagues and subordinates) and it also gives you an abundance of opportunity to improve yourself and realize what you want. If you are looking for a career to realize yourself value, Faculty is the one. Come on, Join us! ”

Shirley XiaoProject Manager, Healthcare

“The numerous projects in Faculty and Kingfisher Recruitment Group has helped me develop my confidence through the experiences I have gained throughout the process. I was able to work across different industries and strengthen my problem resolution & communication skills.”

Stella ZhangTA Manager

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